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I’m Biba, an English writer and author of the DCI Rob Miller, the Kenzie Gilmore and the Dalton Savage books. I’ve written 18 crime novels over the three different series, and love every minute of it. 

Quick Facts About Me

  1. I studied environmental and geographical science at university, after which I did a post graduate diploma in Business Science. I’ve never used either.
  2. I’ve worked as a sales assistant, a billing specialist, a database analyst, a web designer, a content writer, a technical writer and a personal assistant. 
  3. I got my first publishing deal in 2018, after writing for 15 years.
  4. I used to self-publish romantic suspense novels before I turned to the dark side and started writing crime. 
  5. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, but moved to the UK 30 years ago, and now live in west London with my family. 
  6. I’m a classic introvert. 

My Journey

I’ve always loved to write stories. I started out young, penning short stories in my spare time, writing in my diary, and reading for hours.  After university, which honed my writing and typing skills, I decided to try and write my first novel. It was awful. I abandoned it and got back to work.

Years later, pregnant with my first child, I tried again. This time I saw it through. It was a short Mills and Boon style romance set in Antarctica. Amazon had just released the Kindle and self-publishing was in its infancy, so I used my knowledge of web design and content creation to self-publish it on To my surprise, it sold a few copies. 

I tried again with a second romance. This time set in Italy. It became a best seller in the romance category, at which point I began to think there might be something in this. There wasn’t much in the way of competition in those days, and once authors cottoned on to the growing trend, it became harder and harder to emulate that success. So I went back to work.

Writing romances became something of a hobby, and I churned out a book a year for many years, until one day someone said to me, “Why do you write romance when you read crime?” Good question, I thought. So I tried my hand at my first crime novel, a short story about a young detective trying to make a name for himself in the London Met, and a victim who was attacked on the Thames River path. So DCI Rob Miller was born. That short story became The Thames Path Killer and was acquired by Joffe Books, and now I’ve just finished writing book #8, The Marlow Murders. I also write in two other series, with more on the way. 

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