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Hard Line, by Biba Pearce

A gripping prequel to the bestselling Kenzie Gilmore series.

It’s Kenzie’s first real assignment for the Miami Herald—to cover a fundraising event hosted by ex-Hollywood star, Calvin Delacroix. The guestlist is eye-watering and the beautiful Miami mansion is soon filled with the city’s rich and famous.
The champagne flows and donations roll in, but little do the guests know that the party is about to come to a chilling end. 
When the much-loved actor is found shot to death in his study, everyone becomes a suspect. 
But who among them is a killer? 

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Investigative reporter Kenzie Gilmore and the tenacious Lieutenant Reid Garrett return in this thrilling, fast-paced mystery, from Amazon bestselling author Biba Pearce.

In the eye of the hurricane, lies a deadly secret.

A hurricane blasts the coast of Florida, unleashing mayhem and devastation. Amidst the chaos, a billionaire Miami philanthropist, Salvatore Del Gatto, is suspected of foul play when his yacht washes ashore, containing millions of dollars in stolen diamonds. Investigative reporter, Kenzie Gilmore, is assigned the case.

As the tempest rages on, Lieutenant Reid Garrett’s team discovers a corpse in a demolished coastal property. Initially thought to be a natural death, things take a dramatic turn when an uncut blood diamond is found on the victim.

When it’s revealed the victim died six hours before the hurricane made landfall, Reid knows this was no accident. As Kenzie and Reid piece together what happened, they uncover a sinister plot involving a network of dangerous criminals who will stop at nothing to keep their illegal activities under wraps. Even if it means murder. Suddenly, they’re hurled from the eye of the storm, into the path of the hurricane, as they race against the clock to catch the culprits and bring them to justice.

A fast-paced, engrossing crime thriller set in sultry southern Florida from bestseller Biba Pearce.


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