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The Number One Bestseller!

Dalton Savage is back!

A town on the edge… A bloody turf war… A killer who shows no mercy.


Dalton Savage returns in this chilling, fast-paced mystery from Wall Street Journal bestselling author L.T. Ryan and Biba Pearce.

A town on the edge…
A bloody turf war…
A killer who shows no mercy.

When the body of a young Native American protester is found on the building site of a controversial new development,
Sheriff Savage fears this is just the beginning. Unfortunately, he’s right.

The young man’s been murdered. But was it to silence him? Or was it to do with the lethal new drug in his system? A drug that up until now, has never been found in the sleepy town of Hawk’s Landing?

Along with the dangerous new narcotic comes a sophisticated big-city outfit looking to muscle in on the industry. But the local biker gang refuse to let go of the reins. The ensuing turf war ignites an already volatile situation, and the devastation that follows wreaks havoc on those caught in the crossfire.

Another youngster is kidnapped, her mutilated body found on the nearby reservation. Is her death related to the chaos that has descended on Hawk’s Landing? Or is there a more sinister motive?

Could a very clever killer be taking advantage of the mayhem to indulge his deadly desires?

And if so, will the smoke clear long enough for Savage and his team to stop him before he kills again?



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