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The Number One Bestseller!

Kenzie and Reid are back!

A senseless murder… A powerful adversary… A truth worth dying for.


Kenzie Gilmore returns in this thrilling, fast-paced mystery from Amazon bestselling author Biba Pearce.

A senseless murder…
A powerful adversary…
A truth worth dying for.

News of a teenage boy’s murder in Denver reaches Sheriff Dalton Savage. With insight into the killer, whose identity is still unknown, Savage feels duty-bound to investigate. Despite the challenges of being a new father, Savage leaves his family behind on a quest for answers.

Returning to the city he once served as a Homicide detective, Savage must confront his past and face-off against old adversaries and new. His search for the truth leads him through the dark alleys of the mile-high city, where danger lurks around every corner. He must put everything on the line if he hopes to find justice for the victim and vindicate the shadows of his past.

As he gets closer to the truth, the killer who once had him in his sights returns, takes aim, ready to strike again. The stakes have never been higher. Savage must do everything in his power to catch the perpetrator before he becomes the next victim.

As thunder clouds loom in the Cold Sky above Denver, Savage unleashes a storm of his own…



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